Saturday, January 29, 2011

Work and family dramas

    I avoided long, family dramas for some time, and when I gave one a shot, now I'm lost completely. There is  a totally different feel to those stories, usually long ones, over 30 episodes. I'm talking about primetime week/weekend dramas, not about those who air daily. I like the pace of those stories, so even though there are heart-wrenching moments and cliffhangers, it's not as condensed as in the regular 16-episodes shows (QoR is an exception - I will probably see few grey hairs next Tuesday on my stupid head). The first such drama that made me got glued to the screen was Life is Beautiful. Along with this one I watched Assorted Jewels. And now I can't stop.
I like how traditions and customs are shown in such dramas, like funeral ceremonies, marriage or different rites. For me it's like watching some kind of para-documentary on customs. Moreover, I like how they touch normal, everyday things, like marriage, work, friendship, changing of a person.

   Family dramas focus on relationships, and it's not a comic relationship, fairy goddess or princess as the main heroine. I don't mind those dramas, no no, under one condition - decent screenplay and decent acting. In that case, hell, Lady Castle was fun to watch! But in family dramas (let's keep that term), relationships are more real. Here, divorce, abortion, abuse, health problems, dating are not taboos any more. This is why I put QoR into this category, along with Family's Honor, Life is Beautuful, Smile, You, Assorted Jewels and Smile Donghae. The acting is also different, there are many actors not in their first youth, but more experienced, they are not afraid to look unattractive, but to show the whole variety of emotions. They are not restrained by fast pacing of 16-episodes dramas. They have time. And they show their characters with an utmost care.
So after such a ride, my expectations toward other dramas have been set very high. This is why I'm still unable to finish Secret Garden.
   Those dramas are not so popular with young folks (I almost wrote... well, some abusive term, forgive me), because of the lack of cute boys (I would disagree, but well... de gustibus non est disputandum), because of being not fashion-forward, because of... Ah, what the hell, no more MMM evil journeys, keke^^
And I'm grateful to myself as well. I'm not picking dramas only when there is "my actor" in it. I watch loads of things and almost all first episodes of any aired drama. If I like it - I continue, if not, kitty-lick your wounds, cause I'm dropping it from Caradhras (wahahaha). This way I watched LIB, there wasn't anyone who was on "my list" back then. So I'd advise anyone not to be bordered by such restrictions, because, ultimately, we watch shows for stories, right? Some nice actor just adds the cherry on top, but it's not the basic dough.
It's not like I'm saying those dramas are better than the others. They are different, and everyone who have some time might want to give them a try and won't regret. I know two beautiful ladies who started to watch LIB and loved it. Because those dramas offer something more than the usual ones - more time with our loved ones!!!! Ah, sorry, fangirl temporary possessed my mind, I'm back, where was I? Ah, yes, those... I see.
I would include Gloria into this category, but since I dropped that one, I have no idea how it progressed. I may pick it up, afterall I have almost all February free.
I'm coming, Family's Honor, I'm coming! Wait for meeeeee~ (*fades slowly in the maze of madness*)

Pictures from official websites and Nate