Monday, January 10, 2011

SM Ent another bees^^

Oh, let's see how long they last till starved to death or taken by the ambulance because they collapse. It happened before with one of them (ah, my poor heart). Yes, I do observe SHINee with care. Yes, I do like one of them. There are articles all over that they are malnourished (no way, Sherlocks, no way!), and overexploited. No, 20-hour work day is not too long, I mean, 4 hours left! They debuted in 2008, so maybe they have few years left still (thanks Aili for the info, she's a walking encyclopaedia of SHINee^^), and I think I will watch them for their sake. Not SM Ent.
Although I have to do SM Ent. justice - they really know how to make music. Whether you like it or not, they do.
 One of them run before applying make-up. You ask whom I like?