Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obsession is my middle name

My full name is Will Scarlet O'Hara... I just had to say it, sorry.
At first I was too obsessed with SKKS, so I had no time for any other drama (following SKKS thread on DC was really, really an achievement, I stopped 2 weeks ago though), when it ended, I immediately fell into Secret Garden trap. But then, something strange happened. SG is a great drama, very good in terms of technical things and story-wise. Don't start on actors department, because it's Hyun freaking Bin and Ha Jiwon, so it's obvious they don't mess it up. But... During Christmas I watched Ajusshi five times, and I re-watched all 7 episodes of Queen of Reversals I still had on my HD. I didn't watch SG... Don't know why. Really. And then it hit me. So right now I'm catching up like mad, stalking the official website, and thinking of going back to DC. I can't get enough. Maybe this (and promised kiss in PP) made me love this drama? I don't know. To be honest, I didn't like the first episode, because it was completely out of normal Korean drama. I was watching it with growing WTF feeling inside. Usually, when a woman meets a man, in dramas their meeting is just a beginning to the bickering road to the altar. Here we had totally different situation. They married in the first episode. And, as I didn't read the synopsis, I had mixed feelings (even though the preview for the next episode was... hot). Somehow I forgot about it. This Christmas, as I said, was a mysterious time. Maybe I switched souls with someone else? Ekhem... I'm still way behind SG, but I'm off its hook completely. Instead, I just jumped right into the net name QoR. How stupid of me.
I don't like dramas with kids, cause I don't like kids. Marriage life, work problems, scheming, Mishil references, and most of all - true masterpieces by some of the actors here, all these just took over me.
Maybe I'm more into work/family drama after I watched Life Is Beautiful (on the re-watch now) and Assorted Jewels, but anyone who is tired of teenagers and their "loving you forever and ever" dramas, should watch this one, and not be put off by the first episodes. It's not a surprise this drama topped last charts (ah, maybe cause all of those emotions?).
Oh, and one more thing, this drama gives me hope, you know. So that even though I'm getting older with each year, there might be some younger, nice guy out there for me? Wahahahahaaaa!!!
So, what this drama is about?
(info from hancinema):

A romantic comedy that revolves around the life of a thrifty housewife who overcomes the setbacks in her life. She once believed that marrying a man she loved would bring all the happiness she could ever want in life. However, after facing a string of obstacles just to marry her boyfriend, she finds that married life is not a bowl of cherries. Nothing in life turns out the way she imagined it would. All she wanted was a steady paycheck, a reasonable mortgage that she and her husband could afford, happy children, and a devoted husband. But life has a way of throwing curve balls at you and so it goes. Unexpected events in her life push her and her family to the brink. But after hitting the pits, she rises to emerge stronger than ever.


Hwang Tae-hee (Actress Kim Nam-joo, Ages: 32 and 37) - Team leader / Housewife

“She gave up her career for love! But she decides that she must succeed in the corporate world in order to protect her family”
With her natural intelligence, she found it easy to navigate through life and avoid pitfalls. She easily gets a coveted job at big firm and earns a big salary!
However, her longtime nemesis Baek Yeo-jin who went to the same high school and college as her and even got hired at the company where she works, is a constant nuisance who pokes her nose into her business! One day she finds out that her very own husband is seeing Baek Yeo-jin behind her back.

Bong Joon-soo
(Actor Jeong Joon-ho, Ages: 30 and 35) - Office worker

“A man who wanted to be rescued by a woman and live a cushy life! He chose the wrong queen!”
He is a highly sought bachelor who grew up comfortably and was doted upon by his parents. His good looks make him popular with the girls!
He falls in love with Yeo-jin at first sight and professes his undying devotion to her. But she turns him down when he asks her out and this leads him to marry Tae-hee, whom he is aware is an enemy of Yeo-jin.
At first, he thought Tae-hee would make the perfect wife and their marriage would be great but five years into their marriage, he deeply regrets marrying her.

Baek Yeo-jin (Actress Chae Jeong-an, Ages: 32 and 37) - Junior manager / Team Leader

People who know her call her a “fox,” and she’s quite clever and cunning to boot. Her mother was a mistress of a wealthy man and she was the lovechild born from that relationship. She never met her father and doesn’t even know his name. This instills her with deep inferiority issues, making her extremely competitive in whatever she does. Yet, she could never beat Tae-hee in school exams.
So she got revenge by always stealing any guys that Tae-hee dated, and yet that still was not enough to quell her animosity towards Tae-hee.
She even applied for a job at the company where Tae-hee was working to make her life miserable. Joon-soo turns out to be a special friend who is utterly devoted to her.

Koo Yong-shik (Actor Park Si-hoo, 33) - Son of the chairman / Vice President of Restructuring Division

“Conceited and arrogant son of the chairman! He arrived at the company to cut jobs but finds himself the self-anointed leader of a bunch of losers!”
Growing up as the son of a successful businessman, he spends years going back and forth from American schools to Korean schools since he was a young kid. Finding it hard to adapt to life in America, he returns to Korea at last. But he has identity issues as he is neither a white American nor is he completely Korean in terms of his cultural tendencies. He develops a renegade attitude and creates problems due to his rebellious behavior.
He has a habit of telling flat jokes to defuse awkward situations but those attempts only draw Tae-hee’s ire. 

I could also add Ha Yu Mi who plays Han Song-i. She is the Director of the company Queen, and successful, tough businesswoman, who thinks that only single, unmarried Hwang Taehee can be her trusted friend. After the marriage of the latter, she is slowly manipulated by Baek Yeojin, who becomes her trusted person. 
I love how Ha Yumi conveys all the emotions of cold, empathy-less Director Han. In fact, she's just hollow inside, craving for some human closeness, but concealing herself in this frozen shell.