Monday, January 24, 2011

JYJ - Music Essay

   Had no idea what music essay is, but now I do know. It's an album-book. It is called Their Rooms, and will feature members journal entries and six songs ("Nine", "Pierrot", "Fallen Leaves," "ID.S" "Mission," "Song Part 1." ) all of them in  Korean (yeey!!!). Thank you, thank you for Korean songs, finally! It will be released on January 24th. Hmm... that is today.
The album will also contain their not published pictures.
Oh, so we meet again, Baidu...

Oh, and Yucheon just wanted to calm down the situation and added that lyrics are not aimed at anyone in particular.
News and pics taken from:

What can I say after listening to it only once? Pierrot and Fallen Leaves are good. Mission and Nine are nice too. ID.S is not.
Still, they didn't use their full potential, maybe Junsu is trying a bit more. Damn!