Thursday, January 13, 2011

Music, with nice MVs

   I wrote it last year that Koreans have their way of making MVs. And those are ones of the most creative or haunting videos I've seen. Of course it's not like every video is a masterpiece, but I count those that made an impact on me. I don't need spectacular visual effects (let's leave them for those who have to mask their lack of ability to sing, or horrible lyrics), I don't need fabulous looking singers/bands. All I need is to feel something (not disgust though) while listening to the song, and while watching the MV. And yes, first of all I listen to the song, because I mostly browse the albums through Daum Cafe. If a song interests me, I'm looking for a video. Yes, I like when a video tells some story, I like when in a video actors appear. The best in this category belong to Lee Soo Young, I posted those some time ago. In one of her videos was Jeong Jaeyoung as well, and in other Shin Hagyun. And we watched small stories, small movies, narrated by a song. Usually lyrics in her MVs and the plot of the videos are two different things.

Now, in the videos I'm posting links here, there is a one common motif.
I'd like to thanks Aility for bringing me back to the gutter I was last year. Thanks dear. And I'd like to thanks Ara for keeping me in that gutter now^^


and if the link is not working, watch it right here^^ 

Gavy N.J. - Happiness:

Alex (Clazziquai) and Jisun (Loveholic): Very heartbreaking words (part 1):

Alex and Jisun - I love you (part 2):

Kim Bum Soo - 이별의 맛 - Taste Of Separation