Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weird, weird K-Entertainment part 2

   I planned to write an elaborated and filled with many greek and latin words statement on how we are unfairly treated through different fora, but suddenly I realised that this is actually the main reason we are hated so much. Because we can state our voices in some reasonable manner, using normal English sentences, without ten exclamation points and without using some strange abbreviations that no one above the age of 18 seems to understand. Yes, I'm old. But I don't remember I have ever been a fan of worthless stuff. Of course, as every teenager, I listened to some crappy music, and I cried while watching Titanic, but I was able to revise my opinions. After some time our taste changes. This is all natural. For instance, I liked YAB when the craze was out, but this drama didn't pass the test. The test is simple: I watch a drama after 3 months' break. If I still laugh where I should and cry where I cried before, if I still bite my nails and feel my heart pounding like mad - this means a drama/movie passed the test. This is why I still love Coffee Prince. This is why I still love Miindo, No Regret, Lovers, Welcome to Dongmakgol, She's On Duty etc. So if my saying that I hate certain drama offends other people's feelings... I don't give a rat's ass for that. Why? Because people don't give a rat's ass why I hate it. So why should I even bother?
   And no, I can't just turn the blind eye for a huge black hole that supposed to be a plot. I can't pretend I can enjoy one small fragment of it. When I do something, I do it with all my might. When I support someone, I'm ready to tear the sky apart for them, but when someone disappoints me, I'm going to slant them mercilessly.
Right now I'm tired of explaining why I hate some dramas or actors. Because it is all a matter of taste. For some JJY may seem boring, unattractive, bad actor - I don't freaking care. I'm ready to build an altar for him and worship him every Thursday, because he was the one who dragged me back to Asia, to Korea. For some KNG may seem just an eyecandy. I'm ready to polish my blades and fight for him as an amazing actor and great human being, and I couldn't care less if he looked like a Quasimodo.
Damn, I used some uncomprehensible words and references to books still... Mea culpa, mea culpa...
   So yes, I hate some dramas, I'm not afraid to say that. I don't hate the actors as persons though. Why some people are so restricted in their vision and can't separate those two areas? Hating the drama is fine. Well, hating an actors as characters in a drama/movie is also fine. Because we can hate what they present us. And if they give us crap then...  I'm sorry, but coprophilia is not in my quite wide spectrum of interests.
This way I can also hate books. And I do. Oh, damn, I hated some of them so much! I remember when I was reading Dostoyevsky's The Idiot. I threw that book few times up to the wall. I hated almost every character in this book. I'm not allowed? I thought all works meant to be public are free to any criticism. And by that I don't mean blind bashing, but pointing out what's wrong. With some dramas/movies, there is a lot of things that are wrong.
I'm not even sure why I'm writing this. Those who see me as a person without social life, spending my whole days squeezing my not damaged by gin/rum braincells to think about another poisonous remark... can (to quote the source of all quotes: Robin Hood. Men In Tights) bugger off!
Because, to your disappointment, I have a pretty busy life off-line. And crappy dramas don't fill my whole mind.
And yes, I do spend a lot of time with the rest of the Beautiful, Bold and Bitchin' ladies from D-A. Guess what, I'm grateful I found them.