Monday, November 01, 2010

Music Videos

  Some are new some not. But since I'm idling my time away waiting for SKKS episode 19 streaming, I decided to at least do something useful. So I went both to Bobosko and Youtube. And this will become my undoing in the future. Because of the Universe of Korean music I'm not aware of or I had no time to listen to.
You know, I love Hong Kwangho and I knew the song 사랑했지만 was sung by someone else, but I couldn't/want find it. Today I did. Sadly, most of the older videos are of a crappy quality, so forgive me it's no Lucifer HD, when you see every... umm... OK, I will stop here.
김경호 - 사랑했지만 (Kim Kyeongho - Saranghaejjiman)
song only:

Strange vocal and strange MV: 
플라워(Flower) - 여기까진가요

9th Street
We all know this band from the YAB OST and the song Without Words, but in fact this band has much more to offer. And few days ago they released a new single, which is really, really unique.
First a video from 2009 with late Park Yongha who was a vocal part in this band.
And the new single:

And my long time love 윤도현 - 사랑했나봐 (Yoon Do Hyun Band)

이승철 - 소리쳐(Lee Seung Cheol) - Sorichyeo

And of course Lee Seung Yeol! Lee.Seung.Yeol!!


So for everyone who may want to listen more to Lee Seungyeol:
Two albums