Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pure cuteness - Song Junggi

  Otherwise known as Gu Yongha. He got the charm. He got the talent. He got every nuna's heart. If only mine wasn't already taken, cutie, if only... Hmm... but maybe, maybe, I can find a room for this cuteness overload. And to add my usual 2-cent ramble. A SUIT!! A manly haircut! See, you can be beutiful as a flower and still manage to look manly. No need for flashy accessories, no need for silver jacket... 
I never paid much attention on him, but if he behaves like this in the future, I may.
In actors and presence department that is.
So the pics from yesterday starts here:
31st Blue Dragon Awards
Our Junggi was nominated for Hearty Paws 2 (or something, can't remember the English title, mianhae^^, not interested in any movie with dogs in it).
Pictures come from different sources.