Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jeong Jaeyoung - Winner of Blue Dragon Award

It may not be his best role or movie, but please, if you want to stay alive... He's this kind of actor, if you can't praise him, just shut up. I love him, every role, even in idiotic movies, love his method, his approach, his power.
This time, I'm totally biased.
Yes, I'm happy. I'm elated. Let me stay in this state for a while. Until bitterness of life smothers it again.
Update: OK, you can say what you want. I don't care that much.
Ah, and I found the video, the video... *faints*

The (main) Awards:

Best Film – Sworn Brothers
Best Screenplay – Cyrano Agency
Best Director – Kang Woo Suk (Moss)
Best Actor – Jung Jae Young (Moss)
Best Actress – Yun Jeong Hee (Poetry), Soo Ae (Late Night FM)
Best Supporting Actor – Yu Hae Jin (Moss)
Best Supporting Actress – Yoon Yeo Jung (The Housemaid)
Best Male Rookie – T.O.P. (71: Into The Fire)
Best Female Rookie – Lee Min Jung (Cyrano Agency)
Popularity Awards – Won Bin, Jo Yeo Jung, Son Ye Jin, T.O.P.



And the cute part: