Thursday, November 25, 2010


The funniest thing that happened during that conference? A guy who took upon himself the role of Ockham's Razor and said that it's pointless to do any research for something that doesn't exist. OK, I don't believe in demons either, but it's not the point. I conduct the research on their ontic status IN Heian period (and a bit earlier) based on Konjaku. Actually, the true topic is a bit different, but it's no time and place to discuss it. I try to establish their place in the world. Between human and otherworld. I like to read about the stuff. I enjoy it. I want others to enjoy it as well.
This is why I transformed (sounds ominous, almost as demons that could transform themselves into the beautiful lady, ekhem, and here where the similarities end...) small part of my presentation into a movie^^.
Music by: Tearliner.
So here it is:

Apparently in the process of converting pps to jpgs the long vowel mark was lost: