Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Jeondeung Temple

  I came accross one article about the Annals of Joseon stored inside this temple complex while I was looking something more on historical accounts kept in Korea. Thankfully, 1181 volumes kept in the Jeondeung-sa on Ganghwa Island remain undamaged. If it wasn't for those annals, probably Dong Yi, or SKKS would have not come to life^^. This temple has a very long history, reaching back to the Koguryeo period and King Sosurim. It was built by a monk name Adowhasang.
The fortress that the temple is part of, is built with stone.
For more reading on this beautifully located and crafted temple and fortress: here.
And I have to say it with hand over my heart - I love the green and red combinations in Korean architecture. I like the colorful elements. When you look closer to the eaves and bracketing, you will see the intricate patterns and detail that can cause a whirlpool of colors before the eyes. And I like how they used stone in their work. It is often said that Chinese architecture is made of the brick, Korean of the stone, and Japanese of wood.

The annals are kept here

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