Saturday, November 27, 2010

SKKS - Withdrawal Syndrome

  Perhaps it's because I keep myself away from it and don't watch. I have to conduct this test in February. I just have to ... well, test it. I am so redundant today. Perhaps too much Hyun Bin this very morning? In a leoprint tracksuit... yess... I just want someone answer the question we've been asking for some time already. WHAT'S WITH EFFIN' LEOPRINT?? Did someone decide it's the biggest top pattern in the last part of this freaking, bad 2010? Believe me, the Mighty Creator of this Trend, 2010 was bad enough without it. I see it in every drama (or outside of it) - high heels, clutches, bags, scarves, blouses, leggins, pants, jackets, robes, even tracksuits. 
Wait, where was I? Ah SKKS. Some pictures, yes...

To make all those horrible things vanish. Pictures mostly of Yongha and Seonjun. Any questions?
OK, I will throw here whatever I have in new folder^^
All thanks go to those wonderful fans over on DC who happen to have HD versions and shared them.
Pictures are re-sized here, but in fact they are big. Big.


 I don't have to add that the picture below is my favorite, right?