Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kim Namgil-nim: a tradition

   Yes, if a second time we can call a tradition, then OK. The second time I'm going off-line and the second time I bid my farewell with His pics. What can I do? I love the man? Actually "love" is not an appropriate verb here. Admire? Yes. Adore? Yes. Love? Well... I don't wake up close to this person, I don't put up with his eating habits, I don't see him after indigestion. So "love" is not suitable her. I love his work, screen presence, persona and character he displays and an enormous talent, but... I try to remain normal, you know. The price you pay for being sober too often and not indulge in fan-fantasy.
Fan-fantasy is not bad. I have it on a daily basis. But still, I know my place.
So, the picures of the man I love, admire, and wish him all the happiness in the world, even if I should cut out that happiness for him. With blood and blades.
Call it what you want. I don't care.