Thursday, December 02, 2010

Exotic charm - Stars vs Soldiers

  This article left me puzzled. First, I wanted to sit and translate it, but when I managed to take my eyes off of two guys featured there I sssaw... I saw... Kang The Creep Dongwon. OK, I know everyone loves him, but he seriously scares the living sh*t out of me. Even his smile is haunting as for me. Have no idea why. "He didn't kill me" (to quote a now-famous quote from DA), but I simply can't look at him without fear of nightmares again. And no, I've seen some movies with him.
News on Nate 2010-12-02
The main points are that those stars who went into the military look totally different from their usual star look (oh, no, really, Sherlock?) and in the baggy uniforms they look more approachable and like a normal people. 
Well, if normal people wear camos and are practically bald at the beginning, yes. But guess what - stars ARE normal people. It is all because the hype, fan(girl)s and media that try to impose their super-human status on them. If only fans would be the ones who believe in this crap, half of the calamities that fall upon this world wouldn't have happened. But sometimes it is the star who starts to believe he is the Master of The Universe, created by midichlorians and set to lead the humanity into more pastel times. No, my dear stars, you are not. You are just actors. No matter how loved, it is your job, so do your job properly, without leaving a foul stench behind you.
Ok, but what about the article?
Why am I mentioning this? Because Kim Namgil-nim and Ju Jihun were the main focus. They served as the example of a different, but not less pleasant look. They maintained their charm even with "broad forehead" and "dark circles".
The look of any other actor in the training cam is no different from the rest of the soldiers.
The dark circles under the eyes worried fans that "their stars" are having rought times in the military, and suddenly their true age was visible.
Oh well, *shrugs* without make-up there is nothing to hide, keke.