Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tei - deep, soothing voice

   Ah, yes, I have something for men with low voice. But they have to look like a men. Cheers to all pansies! Some info first, just in case someone may not know this gentleman, unlikely, but possible.
Real name: Kim Ho Kyung (not to confuse with Kim Kyung Ho)
Born: April 4, 1983 (ugh, another one for the army soon?)
1. The First Journey (2004)
2. Ucu Pra Cacia (2005)
3. A Third Opinion (2005)
4. Lover (2007)
5. The Note (2008)
6. The Shine(Mini Album) (2009)   

In this time of year, when sun is so far away, and the darkness comes at 3 pm, ballads come like a refuge. I have nothing against ballads, I know people who don't like it. Well, I would probably die after the whole album of Trax, but not after the whole album of Lee Seungyeol, i.e.
So first, the video I sent to my friend (Ara, wuv^^) that triggered the need to post some of his MVs.

Tei - 독 설 (Poisonous Tongue) with Song Joong Ki



Tei - 그리움을 사랑한 가시나무 (Thorn Tree That Loved Yearning)

Tei - 닮은 사람 [Someone Who Looks Alike] 



Tei - 그리움을 외치다 [Screaming Out In Sadness]



Tei (테이) - 기적 같은 이야기 (A Miracle-like Story)



Tei - 사랑은...향기를 남기고 [Love Leaves It's Scent]



And my favorite, both as a song and MV. It's just perfect^^

Tei (테이) - 새벽 3시