Monday, December 20, 2010

JYJ - Interview

But first, 10Asia article. Well, with one small mistake...
Then, another one.
Singing trio JYJ started touring Korea yesterday to hold autograph sessions promoting the release of their worldwide album "The Beginning."

A press release by the boys' promoter Prain Inc. said Friday that purchasers of the limited edition of "The Beginning" will be able to take part in autograph sessions set to be held in five cites across the nation including Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Incheon and Gwangju.

"We're hoping the nationwide autograph session will be a Christmas gift to fans who have lavished JYJ with support since their album's release," JYJ's Korea management agency C-jes was quoted as saying.

JYJ, formed of Jaejung, Yuchun and Junsu, made their debut in 2004 as part of the popular boy band TVXQ, but despite their phenomenal success in Asia, they ceased their activities as a group after being involved in a legal dispute with the Korean agency SM Entertainment.

They made a comeback to the music scene in October as a trio under the name JYJ and released their record in mid-October after which they held a global showcase and held their first concert as JYJ.

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The mistake? Boys debuted in 2003 and from the beginning they were rather acapella band. And I really, really hate when Korean media use TVXQ not DBSK. But yes, call me picky.

Interviews are in Korean, but I bet all my money some Cassiopeia is translating them right as we... erhmm... writing?
Pictures (some of them or parts of others) may knock you unconscious. Me just woke up...

Yucheon's only:

The other:
JYJ recently expressed their unfailing wish to promote together as a five-membered TVXQ.
During an interview with Money Today Star News, JYJ expressed, “It’s disappointing for TVXQ to promote as two separate teams. It might be frustrating right now, but we want each other to do well.”
It was recently reported that Yunho and Changmin will be releasing their first track after a two year, three-month hiatus under ‘TVXQ’ this coming January.
However, Yoochun emphasized, “It’s still the same now, but all five are TVXQ members. Right now it’s not about who gets to use the TVXQ name that’s important.”
Junsu added, “It’s complicated and disappointing for us too, but I believe that we’re both about the same. Even though there is an inevitable wall between us, we both still need to continue on with activities without shame.”
Lastly, Star News asked, “Is there any possibility for TVXQ to get back together?” All three JYJ members stated, “If it is a problem we can solve ourselves, then we would solve it right now.  We’re always open for the possibility.”
Source: Star News via Nate