Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chuno - the best drama of 2010

   Weeeell... let me get things straight: no. I mean, it is a great drama, I didn't have any nails back then, I watched it 3 times... OK, maybe it is. But there were some things that bugged me back then and I can't still get over them. Like Lee Dahae. I don't like her. I don't find her stunningly pretty even. He's a doll. Moving, talking doll. I didn't connect to her. And, as you probably know, when there is no click between me and the character, there is no spark.
I found an article on Daum (from December 15, heh).

There are 2 categories:

Dramas that lived up the the expectations or even exceeded, and dramas that didn't.
The voting was among Broadcasting directors and they picked up Chuno unanimously. The second came Life Is Beautiful, as it heated up the twitter community fighting along the writer - Kim Suhyeon for gay rights. Yeah, we were fighting as well.
The third place went to late dramas, that started in the second half of the year and this place went to Giant and Seongkyunkwan Scandal jointed.

And the dramas that didn't live up to the expectations? First place went to Fugitive: Plan B (with Bi). The second place was Road Number One (with So Jiseob and Kim Haneul), and the third one went to Playful Kiss (oh, what a surprise!).

I see another headstrong and cocksure candidate for grabbing all awards in the second cathegory. But the drama started only on November 8th...
I lied when I said I'd play nice.