Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2010

Hm... I think all of you are aware of a little "scandal" with voting, so this year's results may be a little off. I don't mind The Table... ekhem... Kim Hyeonjung winning in 3 categories, he was hugely popular this year, but Gays... I mean Jang Geunsuk wasn't. He wasn't featured in any poll during the whole 2010. Well, not my business anyway.
And my usual rant...
In the article featuring Kim Hyeonjung's winning, there was this one funny sentence: 'Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards' is a global promotion that gives out awards based on search rate. This year, from November 8th to December 1st, the winners were voted through Yahoo! from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

OK, we had this situation. Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia from now on are synonymous to "global". Maybe editorials on Nate should buy themselves a globe? Or just a map and look around? I'm so damn pissed! This is not "global" at all! If so, "global warming" means it happens only in those four countries? I guess, according to the logic of it, yes, it does.
Global promotion, my dear self-contented empty-heads, means around the world. 세계. It should include Europe (this is some small, old continent, far, far West, where ignorant Westerners-Who-Don't-Appreciate-Pansies live. Scary place.), and also both Americas. Oh, maybe include Australia and Africa too. There are people as well, but I'm not that sure. I saw it on National Geographic.
And just to add, my good numbheads, the amount of searches doesn't mean the positive popularity. Because maybe, just maybe there were confused people who typed: "XX is a girl?" We have the name? Yes, we do. Who cares about what follows, right?
I think I had my period of non-bashing, and I'm bored. No, seriously, I see no point in bashing for the pleasure of it. I don't bash good things. But I have and always will bash things that deserve it. Both Melon Awards and now Yahoo! Buzz infuriated me.
I noticed a strange trend - Korean entertainment industry (and fans alike who follow) confuse two words: "popular" and "good". If they happen to meet in one person/band/movie/drama/whatever - that's great. But lately, they never cross each other's paths. And we have "The Best Song", "The Best Album" in the meaning of "The Most Popular".
I hope drama awards in 2 weeks prove that there is still hope in this weird, twisted industry.

The article floating all over the internet:

A controversy has recently been surrounding the ‘2010 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards’, as many fans are doubting the legitimacy of its online voting system.
Between November 8th and the 30th, Yahoo has been conducting an online poll for three categories: ‘Korean Male Buzz Star’, ‘Korean Female Buzz Star’ and ‘Asia’s Buzz Star‘.
The problem that had caught the attention of sharp fans is that the poll results for some nominees had either taken a sharp rise or drop in a spontaneous fashion. For instance, in the ‘Male Buzz Star’ category, Jang Geun Suk’s poll results saw sharp rises and falls at a continuous rate, while a considerable number of votes for Kim Hyun Joong dropped unexepectedly.
Consequently, many netizens are suspecting the poll results to have a substantial error in voting calculations.
Fans have become even more angered by Yahoo’s lack of investigation on this matter, who merely called it a simple ’server error’. Netizens commented, “The globally acknowledged Yahoo doesn’t want to be humiliated in public, which is why they are ignoring the hard work of the fans”, “I want to rebuke Yahoo for their lack of action regarding this issue.”
Responding to such criticism, a representative of Yahoo Korea explained on December 2nd, “There was a problem with the server overloading, however, we have not been able to confirm a manipulation of the poll results. We are still inspecting the reasons behind these errors.”
They carefully continued, “We cannot reveal a correct set of poll results without fully completing our investigation. We cannot confirm anything for now.”
Meanwhile, according to the online poll results on the site, Jang Geun Suk ranked 1st place for the ‘Male Buzz Star’ category for this year’s ‘Buzz Awards’.
Source: Newsen

And awards:

Kim Hyun-joong won Hong Kong netizens’ ‘HK Top Buzz Korean Artist’, ‘(TW Top Buzz Korean Artist’, and ‘the Best Searched Asia Buzz Award 2010′.
Jang Geun Suk was awarded with the Male Buzz Star and Asia’s Buzz Star award, while Moon Geun Young managed to grab Female Buzz Star award.