Monday, December 20, 2010

Jeong Jaeyoung... and the rest

   Yesterday was my first time with Baidu. And apart from zhi shi wo de pengyou... I can't say much more in Chinese (and totally ignoring the tones, ehehe), I loved it. Actually, to be perfectly frank, I have heard of Baidu for almost 2 years now, but somehow managed to escape the great pit. I was content with DC Inside. But somehow that wasn't enough to satisfy my greed. Ekhem... so I lost my mind, my self-esteem, my sleep and my sanity over on Baidu.
Pictures below are those of Jeong Jaeyoung and Kim Namgil^^

So pictures, both from Baidu, DC Gall and Cine21:

And new Namgil-nim:
The one from left is older, the one from right is from Dec. 17 if I remember it right^^

Love the man, ah... damn...