Friday, July 27, 2012

Nice Guy

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   Oh, we know Song Junggi a.k.a. Ara's petto can be nice. This drama - not exactly. That would be a revenge drama, and let's hope a little bit more consistent that Bad Guy (I just have to mention that, right?). The drama is penned by Lee Kyeonghee who was also responsible for such tearjerkers and heartwrenchers like Thank You and Sorry I Love You (not to mention Love to Kill).
And since that would be Song's first leading role in a drama, let's wish him good luck with that.

   My list of anticipated dramas is growing longer and longer, yet days stay the same. But some dramas come and some go. This one will be aired after Gaksital ends, so practically we'll be jumping from one emotional rollercoaster to another.
Plus, we have Park Siyeon here, and I absolutely love this actress. She won me over in Fox Family and I decided I can watch her works without any bad feelings. Funny thing, I dropped Coffee House despite liking her and Kang Jihwan though, but the drama just didn't click with me.

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The plot of Nice Guy - according to dramawiki "Betrayed by his girlfriend Jae Hee (Park Siyeon), Ma Roo (our petto) uses Eun Gi (Moon Chaewon), who lost her memory, to get his revenge." and here our image of a nice guy goes down the drain. He looks more like a cold mofo. Don't mind getting revenge on a girl who betrayed him, if she was a bitch, she deserves that, but using another innocent one, oh, that's a morally shady. From the descriptions... [spoiler alert] Jae Hee killed a man and made Maru go to prison for that. He plans his revenge in said prison. Meanwhile Jae Hee snatches a wealthy CEO as her boyfriend. Eungi was a successful woman but losing her memory made her a pitiful sissy lady.
Revenge! Crime! Emotions! Tears! Wet Jung gi!

I'm ready, bring it on!