Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ju Jihun is a (moron) King

   It's funny to see Kdramas as the reason of poor netizens' pride being hurt, yet trying to do something more competitive and awesome than usual sappy comedies. And on the other hand we have movies that can ridicule even the most esteemed figures. Like in upcoming movie I Am the King - King Sejong. Great King, inventor of Hangeul, the Father of Nation. This time - a moron. Played by Jihun. With an awesome cast, to just add.
And this is something I'd like to see Namgil-nim in. In comical role, making retarded faces (like he can), just for fun and not for fanning the national pride. Plus, that would spare his character from dying. Again.

Actor Joo Ji Hoon has ruined his pretty boy image. The 'pretty boy' image that Joo Ji Hoon has built up over the years is nowhere to be found, but the comical faces of Joo Ji Hoon takes place.
The new film 'I Am a King' is based around the historical Korean king Se Jong the Great. Joo Ji Hoon plays the role of one in two in the film of the King and the slave Duk Chil. In this film Joo Ji Hoon shows a side to himself that he has never shown before. He has left the 'pretty boy' image behind and presents a comical acting attracting many of the publics' attention.
The preview of 'I Am a King' that was realesed shows Joo Ji Hoon as the prince that is timid and wishes to not becoming the king and also shows Joo Ji Hoon as the slave Duk Chil portraying comical acting.
Joo Ji Hoon is a model turned actor that has gained many fans through his hit drama 'Goong' and 'Antique.' But through this movie he is planning to show a side of himself that he has never shown before, so the fans are highly anticipating it.
The public has been commenting "I can't believe Joo Ji Hoon is going to do comical acting, I want to see it!" , "Oh my god. Just seeing the preview makes me laugh." , "Joo Ji Hoon's face is hilarious."
Credits: Koreaportal