Monday, July 09, 2012

Han Yeseul and actors' workload

Han Yeseul might be the beacon of hope afterall. This will be hard, because the law needs to uproot the whole sick system of shooting the drama, treating the actors like acting (or not) hens laying golden eggs, and introducing a little bit of the pre-production.
That's a heavy load and bumpy road. Let's hope another actor/actress will be taken to the hospital from overworking so no one could be at ease.

Korean lawmakers are currently discussing plans to limit daily filming hours to 18 hours a day during the "Public Hearing for the Re-Revision of the General Arts & Culture Standard Contract." During this public hearing, according to the tentative standard contract revisions, production staff must deliver the scripts and other materials to understand the project to the actor, 3 days before filming. Another part of the contract stated, the maximum amount of hours for filming is 12 hours per day with the possibility of up to 6 hours of overtime for a total of 18 hours per day. Also, there cannot more than 3 consecutive 18-hour days. However, much opposition is expected to come from the broadcast companies about this 18 hour daily limit. A source from a certain drama stated, "It's the broadcast companies rather than the celebrities, who wish to receive the scripts 3 days beforehand. Also, if these rules are broken, then we must pay compensation to the actor and we must figure out a system with the directors and everyone else. I think this will only be a temporary measure and we need to figure out a more fundamental solution." This news brings back the controversy that surrounded Han Ye Seul during her "Spy Myung Wol" days. 

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