Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Five Fingers

   This is all I need to grab this man. I hope this drama doesn't disappoint, I really do. Although, whatever, I'll stay with it till the bitter end even. It has Jihun.
He had to lose 6 kilos for the role, and let me clear one thing first - he was a stick even before, so I'm really not sure what to expect. A mummy has probably more meat than him.

   The last drama that was dealing with music per se was Beethoven Virus, or I missed something? This is why I'm dead happy about the premise of this one. Some music, concert, piano, men in suits. Add some family tragedy and hardship. Really can't wait.
And weird enough, I can't complain about the cast either. Choe Sira in Queen Insu was absolutely stunning, so I have no doubts about her character being strong and beautiful, and I'm really glad she's on board. We have a funny situation though as both her and Ham Eunjung played Queen Insu in this drama, heh.
So far we know that Jihun will be playing the role of Yoo Jisang, who possesses a raw piano talent comparable to that of a genius. He also has a younger brother Yoo Inha (played by Ji Changwook) who is less talented yet consummed by inferiority complex and jealousy (oh good, something else than sparkling boy, but please, no Ju Won's hysteria in Baker King). Ham Eunjung will play Hong Dami, another talented aspiring pianist who was left without anything after her father's death. Choe Sira will play the bipolar mother of our young men.

I admit the angst and plot (minus birth secrets) reminds me a bit of Baker King, which was one of those dramas I hated, cause everyone there deserved to be whipped once and for good, and which I dropped. Now we have music, music and piano. Can't wait. Oh, the drama is scheduled to have 30 episodes. And since I read somewhere Jun Nomin is also on the list - I'm all in!

And the teaser: