Monday, July 09, 2012

Ju Jihun and his drama

   Both in real life and on screen. Look what I found in my email box. So, he's banned by KBS and MBC now? Korea, Y U so double-standard-ed? I wrote this hundreds of times, especially when the hell broke lose 3 years ago - a man pays for his mistakes - which he has done. Now, move on and give this man a chance. OK, what I'm about to write isn't nice. I like Big Bang, I do, I'm not the huge fan, but I like (OK, I like Dae). Last year GD was caught with marijuana in the club. Huge shitstorm followed, yet BB weren't banned from music shows, concerts, their activity wasn't halted to that extent what is now happening to Jihun. Despite all, he didn't deserve such treatment.

Upcoming SBS weekend series "Five Fingers" held its first script reading on July3. Main leads Joo Ji Hoon, Chae Sira, Ji Chang Wook, Ham Eun Jung (T-ara), as well as supporting actors Jeon Mi Sun, Jo Min Ki, Na Moon Hee, Cha Hwa Yeon, and Jeon No Min attended the reading at the SBS Ilsan Production Center. "Five Fingers" marks Joo Ji Hoon's comeback to the small screen. His last drama was "The Devil," co-starring Shin Mina and Uhm Tae Woong, in 2007. Regarding his drama comeback, he firmly stated, "I will work hard." It's been said that Joo Ji Hoon put his best effort into the reading as well, keeping eye contact with his co-stars as they said their lines. Singer-actress Ham Eun Jung will challenge herself with her first lead role in "Five Fingers." She's established herself as an actress through various projects like "Queen Insoo," "Dream High," "Coffee House," and more and has received high reviews and praise for her acting. Ji Chang Wook will take on his first antagonist role since his debut as Joo Ji Hoon's jealous younger brother. He was the first person to arrive at the venue and was seen rehearsing his lines. "Five Fingers" is a story about young adults who overcome their tragedies, fulfill their dreams, and find love. It will replace "A Gentleman's Dignity" on SBS this August. (...)
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