Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ju Jihun's update

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   I'm mostly off these days, and instead of getting my blood boiling with K-entertainment, I have my blood boiling because of Olympics. But still, I cannot let myself stay behind, so I'm reading here and there (between volleyball matches and weightlifting, ehem).

According to 10Asia:
Reporter : Lee Tae-ho.
Editor : Monica Suk.

Actor Ju Ji-hoon said he had called director Jang Kyu-sung day after day for two months to figure out the best way to portray a double role in his new historical comedy "I am the King."

Ju’s remark, which was made at the film's press conference held in Seoul on July 30, was enough to show how hard the actor has tried to pull off his role as a king and a slave, or a beggar, in the upcoming pic.

“It was my first time to play a double role in a movie. So I met director Jang every single day to act out the king and the beggar perfectly before the movie cranked in.”

The actor, who has returned to the screen after his three-year hiatus, expressed high expectations on his latest effort and hoped it could live up to the high bar that many people have set.

"If we attract over three million moviegoers, I will walk around Daehakro area [a bustling downtown in Seoul famous for being a theater district] wearing a slave costume," Ju's co-star Im Won-hee said, explaining that Ju will be with him for the mission.

The 120-minute movie features the three months before the Grand Prince Chung-nyeong becomes the king of Joseon Dynasty. The prince, who strongly refuses to become a king, chooses to escape the palace to live happy and free.

Just when Chung-nyeong tries to climb over the palace wall, he runs into a drunken slave named Duk-chil, who perfectly resembles the prince himself.

The prince instantly grabs the chance to disguise himself as a slave and changes his wardrobe with Duk-chil's. In a terrible twist of fate, Chung-nyeong gets treated like slaves begins to open his eyes to the people living in extreme poverty.

And quote from Hancinema:
Joo Ji-hoon took on the role of a crowned king and a slave who change identities in this drama. He said, "I waited so long for this".
He said, "The difference when acting two roles at once is that there was a lot of time but physically out of time".
He continued, "I had to meet with the director ten times to understand the character. We met everyday for about two months and talked about nothing but the drama. The elder actors and actresses also gave me a lot of help".
When he was asked if he matured a little, he answered, "I don't know. I meet my school friends often these days and I still don't know if I've matured up. I'll think about it".


And pictures:

IAmTheKing IAmTheKing IAmTheKing

IAmTheKing IAmTheKing IAmTheKing

IAmTheKing IAmTheKing IAmTheKing

IAmTheKing IAmTheKing IAmTheKing

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