Friday, July 06, 2012


   That is trot, my lovely ladies and gentlemen. I know it's not everyone's cup of green tea, but I like trot, it relaxes me and brings back those weird memories of something distant, of something that is long gone. Yes, there is a longing in trot, there is love and solitude. Trot was born during Japanese occupation in Korea, but it's more complex than enka (or min'yo) that influenced it. Because trot uses also elements of european music of the twenties (the name trot derives from foxtrot, hello), and it's musical tempo is for 2 beat, also it uses pansori technique of singing. But to not be all unicorns and rainbows - trot was used politically as well - as the means of propaganda. Both North and South engaged since 60's in radio wars, and they used songs. This could happen again with Kpop - imagine now South uses in the radio MBLAQ's "It's War" song... now that would be some heavy statement...
If you don't like this type of music - this is not the post you are looking for, move along.

And if you watch Gaksital, the song that Kangto sang - it was trot, mehehe. Title: 오빠는 풍각쟁이.
Na Huna is probably the most known now trot singer, but there are others.
I can't list now all, instead I present songs I personally like to listen. I'm not presenting Jo Yongpil, because he's a well known artist.

Kim Yong-rim (or Kim Yong-im)

My favorite singer is so far Yu Jina, this is why I will torture you all with her songs:


And my favorite song by her. I've listened to more than 7 other singers singing this song and I had goosebumps only while listening to her version. What a splendid scientific measures, right? Goosebumps, really...

Not to forget Bae Ho:

Jeon Mikyeong:

Mun Juran (with a very, very low voice):

And last but definitely not least, lively and lovely song by Ju Hyeonmi. She was a guest on Immortal Song 2 last year, contestants sang her songs, and she sang as well. This is a very well known song, you probably heard it somewhere: "One-side Love"