Monday, June 04, 2012

June started, dramas started

   I know I'm not as active as before, and I promise I will troll (or irritate other people) more in the second half of June and in July, but now - I don't even have time to spazz properly.
Regardless, new dramas started and after first week I decided to continue with 3 of new ones. They are: I Do I Do, The Chaser and Gentleman's Dignity.
Three of them offer something different from each other and all entertain me in their own rights.

   I started to watch Gentleman's Dignity for no particular reason. I just wanted to watch some drama. What's interesting in this - we have a narration from a male's point of view. Whenever an attractive woman is around, guys pray she drops something on the floor. And when she does - guys do what those four "gentlemen" did at the beginning of ep 2. Do I have fun while watching this - tons. 
Another is I Do I Do. I started this today (no tiiime!!) and I liked it. I liked it because Kim Seona looks absolutely gorgeous, has fabulous fashion and lips, there is Park Geonhyeong (his "mommy" and "mascara" stunt were really something)... and my weakness - younger guy-older woman relationship. You see, it's a personal whim. I'm not a teen anymore. I'm not in my twenties anymore. And I think rationally - if I ever find a time to date properly, what kind of guys are left for someone my age? Mama boys, hidden gays, divorces with kids, or geeks/loosers? No, thank you. Younger can do too. Plus, I have always liked stories featuring this kind of relationship. Why? Because society is biased towards it. 60-years old guy and 30-yo woman is perfectly fine, but girl older than her boyfriend is something along jail sentence and social stigma.
I probably watched all Kdramas that offer such relationship and how it is approached by writers and characters.
The last one is The Chaser and I badly need subs for it. No one decided to do this despite it being really tense, rich drama. Maybe I should ask some people on D-A cause their Korean (based on few MVs) is so good they don't need subs? Anyway, lately "The Chaser" may be confusing, cause Infinite's single also bears this title (a reason good enough to mention Big Dipper), plus there is a very, very disturbing movie under this title as well.

Gentleman's Dignity and I Do I Do offer some nice entertainment, without much pondering, with some heavier topics hidden and prepared for second half of the drama. So far, so good.
I couldn't get into Time Slip Dr. Jin. I guess I don't love Jaejung eough, sorry. Or any of the cast.

BTW. Yesung from SJ sang the song for I Do I Do. It sounds similar but I can't pinpoint the base song. Anyone?