Thursday, June 21, 2012

World Music Day

   Music again. Since today is this day, something non-Korean this time (with one exception). I don't get people who say they can't enjoy music when they don't understand the lyrics. For me it's plain and simple - music is a universal medium, similar only to dance in this aspect. And language... well, the fact someone can sing is completely irrelevant to the language barrier. People in Hebrew can sing, people in Chinese can sing, it does not matter.
Mike Oldfield proved that on his albums (namely QE2 and Songs of the Distant Earth). On the first we have Sheba which has as lyrics random syllables, and on the latter - song sung in Native Indians' language. Both proving the language is secondary to emotions and power of the music.
Classical music has no lyrics too, right? Do we understand opera arias? Nope, but we still enjoy them. Your argument is invalid.

So here we go, my favourite music from around the globe^^ Uhm, OK, bollywood music may not be my favourite, but it's hella great to dance along.

And since I'm horribly Park Geonhyeong biased, some chacha featuring scenes from the movie he.,jhdgadjgah danced...