Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Enjoying the week

   Of course I Do! There are some concurrent motifs in Kdrama nowadays, but I, for once, don't care. There can be 5 dramas airing that have the same motif, and I'd still watch those that catch my interest. After all, our civilizations and lives are just archetypes. If only I had the certainty that Park Giwung would die in Gaksital, I'd watch this. I had my share of his terror in Arrow and The Musical, no thank you, no matter how good... oh, Shin Hyeonjun... damn. That might be the reason I will swallow some pills and watch that too. So far, I'm not starting any more dramas as my week is already dark and full of terrors... no, wait, wrong series.

   Somehow both in Big and I Love Italy there is a motif of a younger guy trapped in older body. And since I fell asleep during first episode of Big and laughed while watching ILI, it's easy to say which drama I'm continuing. And since we tend to see dramas we watch as the ultimate masterpieces, I have to repeat what we always say in such situations - I Love Italy is slightly underrated. Of course, it has silly moments, it has overacted moments, but in overall I enjoy this drama to the maximum. The interactions between Taeri and Eundong/Minsu are just so cute. Plus, despite the fact he's a 14-yo boy in 25-yo man's body, he can act in a more mature way (sometimes) than usual 30-yo Kdrama male. One more thing I find interesting. During the swimming, he "grew up". It's not someone else's body he possesses, soul-swaps or anything of this kind. My theory is - it's his own body, only how it would look like in 9 years (a good body to just add). Taeri is also not your usual heiress princess. She's actually hated and quite bullied, but she's steady and calm. And terribly alone. The appearance of Eundong/Minsu in her life is like a ray of sunshine on her marble statue.

   I spazzed about I Do I Do on numerous occasions, so I will not repeat myself. I just want to add that I fail to see what other people see - writers making our lovely Doctor a bad man. I just don't see it. He was pissed off when Jian told him she's pregnant with another man - but isn't it a natural reaction? He's sorting out his feelings, but still cares about her pregnancy more than she does, he lied in front of their parents that it's him who wants to break the engagement. I really don't see how any of this qualifies as being a "bad guy" (I just had to mention Kim freaking Namgil-nim who comes back to uuuus swooooon!!).

   And of course Gentleman's Dignity. It has so many subplots nicely woven together. I'm finding all 4 of title "gentlemen" both stare-worthy and disgusting at times. Are all men like this?

Plus, I really like pedo nuna motif. Can't do anything about it. I'm not tired of such topic, and I'm not cringing like most of the girls ("she's too old for him"). You know, love is just love. It does not work like that (and I know you're reading this, ekhem). You know, that leaves me some hope as well... sniff... T^T

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And now, allow me to prepare for a match today.