Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SHINee shining

I don't always write about SHINee, but when I do... it's always 1/5th of it, OK, OK. Since Jonghyeon remains sweet idiot that he is, I'm not going to fuc... focus on... whatever...
(*after 2 hours of running mindlessly and cold shower*)
One girl, named Donica Sterling met with our shining boys in Korea, and according to JAD:
Herbert Black, president of American Iron & Metal, sponsored Sterling’s trip. Sterling will stay in the country for two weeks as she visits disability rehabilitation centers, meets celebrities and attends K-pop shows.

Very nice of boys (and SMEnt that did it without much publicity), but very, very low of fangirls.

Fangirls, that horrible sub-species of humans, are writing "lucky girl", "oh, I'm jealous!", "I want to meet oppaaar too!!"

They somehow forget one thing - 15 years-old Donica is terminally ill. She will die. I'm grateful to people who sponsored her journey to Korea, I'm grateful to SHINee that they acted really nice and warm around her, but I want to run over some brainless fangirls with a bulldozer. 
She's lucky? Oh, I bet all who say that would trade places, right?

Picture from Grammy.com