Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fans' culture...

... according to KBS. Oh yes, we know KBS is in the middle of banning JYJ and war, so obviously they couldn't mention any sasaeng situation. According to their raport (it has eng subs, watch it before they take it down from yt) fans are one awesomely bonded family, caring about their idols, a bunch of happy rabbits prancing around and donating rice.
Screams BULLSHIT all over the place, even worse propaganda than usual Arirang videos. But watch and decide for yourself.

   I have nothing against fans in general, but please, if a TV station wants to make a report on fans' culture, why not to include also the dark side of it? Sasaengs, obsessive, crazy fans who write bloody letters and send super-glue inside their idols' meals??
I may be one twisted Westerner, but damn, there is nothing like 100% pure and fluffy fandom. Even the most open and friendly Inspirits are now in really dark times. Thanks to newbies who are idiots, and bad decisions regarding RK.