Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh music music

   My weekly ritual - Melon and Bugs charts. Usually it ends up with puking and cringing, but sometimes I have fun with the lists. Sometimes I find nice songs (Epitone Project!!). Sometimes sad, painful songs catch my attention, yet sometimes upbeat ones especially made for shaking-that-thing. And I like it (wow, fantastic baby^^).
Lately both lists been infected with indie, namely Busker Busker, but there was one song by Gukkasten and Buhwal as well. I appreciate Buhwal, but I don't love the current vocalist. He sings with this annoying japanese rockers' mannerism. And I'm not going to say sorry.

Songs that caught my attention, for totally different reasons.

Yi Yeonghyeon - After Sad Love:

She was also in Beautiful Concert episode from June 12th. Yep, I'm watching way too many music shows.

Baek Jiyeong - Good Boy:

The queen of ballads returned with this^^ I know it's not the newest song, but it somehow escaped my attention. It happens with my ragged mind.

Shin Bora - Crying while longing:


It's a song for Ghost drama OST. I'm not watching it, but the song sound very, very OST-ish. and quite nice too, although this song won't stay too long with me, I bet. I'm not the greatest admirer of women's voices.

Epitone Project - Sunrise:
(The only MV here)


And I wouldn't be in my right state of mind if I didn't post it here. Ryeowook in Immortal Song 2 latest episode. I know his voice is not everyone's cup of tea, but as a person who fell in love with his voice from the first note - I condemn all who can't appreciate this little gem's singing to the innermost circle of hell. Speaking about my tolerance, yeah. With one small "glitch" but performance amazingly powerful.