Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tei & Handsome People's comeback!! Kyaa!!

   I may not be the biggest fan of Handsome People (I know how weird that sounds), but hell - Tei's comeback is a great news and worth stalking!!
But what musicals they are talking about? I missed something? I know he was working with London Philharmonic Orchestra for the album, but now musicals? (*pulls all hairs from head trying to track the man down).
And if I may - I want dark-haired Tei back.
Update: I found about that one (!) musical, OK, fine. But so far, no cuts, only interview backstage while preparing the hair, make-up etc. Tei looking horrible.

From KBSWorld

Singer Tei's rock band, Handsome People, will be making a July comeback after 1 year and 2 months.

The last release was the band's second single "Crazy" in April of last year.

According to their agency Fluxus Entertainment on June 12th, Tei and the fellow members of Handsome People will drop a new album this July.

They're busy working on the last minute touches right now. After having exited the show "I'm A Singer" last year, Tei's been busy working on musicals.

Handsome people has an acid band sound, having started as the brain child of Tei who serves as the vocalist and Choi Young-ho, who is the keyboardist and producer.

This album will have over 10 supporting tracks. The band members have composed, penned the lyrics, and produced the songs themselves. Fluxus describes the new sound as electronic spiced up with some rock.

The group will also have a new guitarist member, Uhm Joo-hyuk. Um was a member of the band Siberian Husky from 1999 to 2002 off of KBS 2TV's "Top Band" program.