Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Upcoming dramas: June

Sounds like Jun, ehehe, ekhem... I should probably start behaving my age. But what's the point? I'm having fun with myself as I am now. OK, I guess, I complicated something. Anyway, I don't wanna change my life as I have now. I watch dramas, I cry at the end of some of them (ah, Dae Gil, why did you break my heart ?), I listen to the music I want, I read what I want (and what I have to, just remind myself and repeat like mantra: "this is what I like, I like, I like"), I don't have to worry about anything more personal. And yet I have friends, who maybe not exactly understand my world, but I can talk with them for hours. 
Wait, what I wanted to say?
Ah, upcoming dramas:
Road Number 1: starts June 23
Bad Guy: starts May 26
If I had to say anything on dramas I expected for spring, seriously, Sunao ni narenakute disappointed me. After the first episode I knew it is like a clog. Every possible problem has been thrown into the cauldron.
And in result we got some nice, messed up piece of overrated drama.
Really, I don't like this drama, and I was waiting to see Eita in something else than Nodame... (which I don't like either). Let's say it like this: screenwriters read a book on psychosis and decided to divide them into 5 people, and if some are not compatible, they just threw the rest to the relatives, friends and everyone around the main 4. It's like watching an illumination-to-be. Drama claims to be Buddha or Jesus incarnated and spreads the word of wisdom on "how the world works". No, the whole world doesn't work like this. It's just messed up imagination of screenwriters.
Sure, bringing up the issues of being bullied at work, difficult students at school, sleeping with boss for the job sake, or dealing with the future as a single mother... this is life, sure, but don't throw hundreds of problems into one person!
And Nakaji is simply a bad person. Not complicated, cause he likes to be perceived as it, but just bad.