Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Asian MV: light years ahead

Now, when I think of it, I have to admit one thing: I may not be a big fan of Asian pop music (which I am btw), but their MVs are simply beyond everyone's else. Example?
Luna Sea: Gravity. This was made in 2000! Some artists never achieved such visual perfection in 2010. Lady Gaga claims to be something different. Yes, she is, she's better in visual department than anyone else right now. Except for Asia (I mean Japan and Korea, I know nothing on other countries pop music, and I'm not gonna change it. Sue me!). She's good enough for America and Europe, but no big whoop in Asia, really.
The latest video from Big Bang (alright, I'm not a BIG fan of the boys, but I do admit: they have talent, good management, and one of the best MVs!) shows how to make a little movie within appr. 5 minutes. This is why I liked Lee Soo Young videos (with JJY^^) and Shin Ha Kyun. They were beautifuly shot and told us some stories. Twisted and sad ones, to be sure, but I remember them well even in the dead of night after few shots, hehe.
Luna Sea: Gravity:

Big Bang: Tell Me Goodbye:

And these are just two random examples of "how to make a Music Video".
watch here: Here in HD version to appreciate it.