Saturday, May 08, 2010

Personal Taste - I know how it tastes like^^

Episode 12 ended with a huge cliffhanger. I would like to sleep until Wednesday, because anticipation will most likely drain me.
It's not like this drama is perfect. It's not, it has many flaws, but they are in a rush, that is why I can forgive some (editing). Directing is kind of Ron Howard-like, I mean a bit heavy in some moments. But overall - I have such a great time watching it! Lee Min Ho is just perfect.
With lots of humour, this drama touches the topics that are not so funny at all. I mean, in every episode, "gay" Jin Ho is being insulted and treated as "half-man". This shows how a society really treats "personal preference". And one of the greatest characters in the drama - director Choi is a real gay, but hidden. It's not so easy to confess in a society that crushes everything that is ifferent. I'm under deep impression how his character was created and showed to us. It's all thanks to Ryu Seung Ryong, who is a great actor.

 And contrary to what most people think, Jin Ho is not so plain, normal character. He is unable to loosen up. He is unable to feel how he wants, he is cold, he was restricting himself since childhood. Gae In "forced" him to open up, to be more natural. The change of Jin Ho is pleasure to watch. (Ok, because Jin Ho has LMH's looks, that is why, now you know my dark secret!).

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