Friday, April 09, 2010

Shin Ha Kyun in: M To M - 사랑이 죄겠니 (Harvest Villa OST)

   As I said, Shin Ha Kyun amazes me in Harvest Villa. Today it not aired, I'm afraid it's because of low ratings. Aired, aired, be relieved^^. Those damn ratings. It can ruin everything. You're Beautiful was planned as 20-episodes drama, but it was cut short because it was aired against IRIS, and of course IRIS got all the viewers. But is this drama really so good? I dare say no. It's overhyped. I felt like last year with all that BOF hype. I watched few episodes, not interested in the rest and I did what I have never done before - I just dropped. Zutto, zuuutto mae ni, even if drama didn't catch my interest that much I tried to watch it till the end, just not let anybody say: "Oh, you know, the last episode was excellent! You didn't watch it? So how dare you to speak about it?!". No, really, after some time I can tell if drama is good or bad just by 3-4 first episodes. I don't count Jdramas, cause 4 episodes are the middle of the series already, so every Jdrama I start to watch, I watch till the very end. Kdramas have usually 16 episodes, so 4 is just a quarter, so sunawachi: a probe.Ah, yes, BOF I skipped. I just couldn't watch it. Even Lee Min Ho didn't save it for me.
   Where was I? Ah, yes, Shin Ha Kyun.
Here you have fresh, brand new as... uhm... nevermind MV with the new song for Harvest Villa.

Isn't he great? 
Video and song available on DA.