Thursday, May 13, 2010

Personal Taste - It tastes like hell

Well, only under that condition that hell can be classified as having  some taste. What happened to nice, well paced, full of good humor drama? Nothing, it got a twist which is called: an abnormal Jin Ho's mother. She's crazy. No, actually she's cuckoo. What's more sad, Jin Ho really loves her and cares for her, but now he's between love for his mother and love for Gae In. I hope he will choose the latter.
What a melodramatic and low turn for that supposedly stylish woman to feign fainting. Besides, she shouldn't have listen to In Hee, is she not aware In Hee is a real b*tchy B*ITCH? I have seen such a character a long time ago for the last time - where? Let me think, who was the last b*tch?
Tae Kyung's mother in YAB? I guess it was her. Yes, she was really dreadful. No, she was walking Devil Incarnated. Man, I hated Mo Hwa Ran. YAB was such a frenzy state. Now, I'm watching dramas with a lot more calm and serene heart. Yeah, right, I cursed today again. Nah, I said, calmly... There something changed in watching dramas. Some time back, I watched accepting everything (maybe apart from some huge oddities and crap), without much caring for it. Now it changed. That is why I enjoy Personal Taste more than YAB. The story is better, and to be honest, and I'm saying this with heavy heart (my heart remembers still normal Sukkie, stupid heart), but Lee Min Ho is a way better. And they are the same age. I really enjoy him more (I wish, you, bad, you have some naughty thoughts in this empty head of yours!), OK, time to cut that short.
I need my daily Jun dose.
OK, LMH may do^^

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