Thursday, May 20, 2010

Japanese Cinema and History

Unfortunately people who write books on some peculiar topics think the world ended some time ago, because they are lazy. Yes, lazy. The same goes for some professors. They end up lecture on times 30 years ago because they are lazy. There is a good book in my mother tongue on Japanese history, but it ends on 1972. So, every teacher who has lecture on Japanese history, ends his/her own teaching on the Seventees. I'm sorry, but nothing happened between Okinawa-in-Japan-again and Yukio Hatoyama's victory? This sickens me. I want to be different. 
Actually one of the books I'm referring here on movies ends in Seventees. Like if there were no movies after all.
I know, it is called A 100 Years of Japan Cinema, but it's not the case.
No publications on dramas.
No publications on variety shows.
Because it is difficult. It's not repeating the words of others but actual, hard work to gather all data necassary, to understand it, to achieve some conclusion.
It's the harder way than just reading all books that have been written. To watch movies all know about them. To write useless book after all, and have pretenses for salvating the world of common knowledge.
One book is quite good, on Outcasts in Japan Cinema (about violence and yakuza movies).