Thursday, May 06, 2010

KNG interview

I just found it, and what not to love?

After allkoreangossip:
Q (reporter): Why do you always choose to act bad characters?
A (Kim Nam-Gil): There is a difference in depth. I do not feel attracted to a good character. After drama Queen Sun-Duk, I was considering two thriller genre movies. My new character in Bad Man is another bad character. I will differentiate my new character from my previous characters by my acting.

Q: Why is your new partner a married woman again?
A: At first, I thought ‘why married woman again?!” But I found good points about having a married woman as an acting partner. There is no worry about having a scandal.

Q: Would you keep having your mustache?
A: I am thinking about getting rid of it. I will get rid of it on episode 6 of Bad Man. There is a change of emotion on episode 6.

Q: What about bed scene?
A: I just try my best in acting it.