Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flood, foxes and Chuno

Yes, apparently those three words have nothing in common. But they do. I mentioned it's been raining, right? Update on this topic: actually I'm thinking of building my own arc. We have flood in the place I live. Classes cancelled, bridges closed, streets under water. And the rain - still coming from the lead-grey sky. With this kind of weather outside I managed to end an article on kitsune, japanese fox. Also, I started to watch (again) Chuno. To be honest, the first time I watched, I was just under such impression I couldn't collect my thoughts properly. But drama ended at the end of March, so after a month break, I decided to watch it properly. Not drooling over Jang Hyuk, no no... OK, maybe a little. But who would not? I mean... his smirk, yes his smirk and voice... Aishh, it started again.
OK, forgive me all OJH fans, but I don't like Tae Ha. Really. I don't.

But, who could not melt after seeing someone like this:

The rest, with others on the pic. But as I said, Dae Gil is such a wonderful... psycho!
Yes, he is psychotic. We can see him in his "old self" as a nobleman, mild mannered, quiet, with smile... But after the tragedy that cost him everything he had in his life including a stupid woman who forgot him after 10 years, DG changed. He's cynical, restless, cruel. Yet deep down, inside that scarred heart of his, there is some soft spot. 
One more thing, when he became a slave hunter, he completely forgot about his noblesse. He acted as if he never was a noble man. Then we have TH, who was a general, but after breaking from enslavement, he started to act mighty again. I guess it might be the trace of his value as a human being, being honest and all that crap, but to me it was just acting as a master of everyone around.
And Un Nyun? She was just a poor woman thrown between such men. Yet she acted according to her morals till the very bitter end.
Why am I writing this now? Because I needed time to collect my thoughts. The results of Personal Taste will be presented after some time as well. But seeing some bloopers, I'm more and more in love with Director Choi^^