Wednesday, May 05, 2010

素直になれなくて : Sunao ni narenakute

As title may suggest, it's hard to be honest.
I was waiting for the drama, maybe not like crazy, but I wanted to see Eita again in something. Then, in some point anticipation became a spiral without safety line.
So I watched first and then second episode, and my excitement went pffffff. Like an old baloon.
Something clicked around middle of the first episode. I did what I have never done before: I checked the remaining time. Damn, I was in the middle of the episode and was already in the "I-Don't-Care" mood.
I didn't like the beginning, with Nakaji trying to barge through the door under which blood was flowing out. Oh, please, a pond of blood. Yet again. Exactly on that moment I knew they will make twist over a twist.
There is a joke on Twin Peaks that suits Sunao... as well.
Agent Dale Cooper is recording: "Elaine, I would have solved this case a long time ago if screenwriters didn't screw it up".

This is exactly how I feel about Sunao...
Every character downright sick. Mentally unstable. I mean, there is no one I can sympathize with. OK, I don't have to actually like the character (Ban Shogo from Bambino was kinda prick, but had charm of Matsumoto kun, so... it could not be helped^^), but I have to I HAVE to be attached enough to watch the next episode.
Eita is good, OK, I may watch the rest solely for his sake.
Ueno Juri irritates me as always. I'm waiting for the possibility of watching of episode 3 and 4, maybe something will change.
I just have one question: is "Doctor" being bullied because he's Korean or because he's younger? If it's the first case, this drama will serve as an example for my presentation.

Links to the drama are on D-Addicts.