Friday, December 06, 2019

[Advent drama calendar 2019] Day 6: Actor/Actress Discovery of the Year

And contrary to what some believe it's not Jang Dongyun. Well, not entirely. Its Jeong Haein and I want to thank @mexochi and @cassieap55 for introducing this amazing man into my life this past Autumn.
I admit, this isn't an easy day for me for a reason mentioned below..

Two years ago, almost to a day I tried Solomon's Perjury but then I honestly have no recollection of few months that followed and even though I know @arakiraz visited me, it's all a dream dreamt by someone else. But for the sake of being precise - yes, he WAS the amazing discovery this year.

Special mention goes to an Australian actor, Anthony Starr, whom I really had no idea existed. And his portrayal of Homelander is nothing short of a show of the force. Give this man ALL the awards!