Thursday, December 19, 2019

[Advent drama calendar 2019] Day 18: Whom You Identify With?

I usually don't identify with any character, not to the point I am trying to find my own reflection in somebody else. I may like somebody and understand their motivation but they are not my mirrors. If that was the case, I'd have to identify with THE horse Maximus from Tangled, you know...
But if we're talking about some similar feelings I see in a character (be it any gender, honestly. Or a species) then I think this year's winner is clear.
And no, it's not Nokdu.

This time the winner is Bae Tami from Search: WWW. I liked how calm and collected she was, how she analyzed everything and how dignified she could be. She did adhere to her own work ethics even though that might mean she would get hurt as collateral - which she did. She was also very open with her wants and desires (most of the times). But the thing that I felt on a personal level was her attitude towards marriage - we don't know much about her own family, and yet she was firm in her conviction - something that created a crevice between her and Park Morgan. She abhors the idea of marriage, of the state interfering with her personal and intimate life. For her, it's a useless custom.

Honorable mention: Dong Dongju from Tale of Nokdu (ha! If you thought I'd let it slide...). I admired two things about Dongju, actually. First was her single-mindedness in pursuing a goal. She wanted to kill Gwanghaegun, it was her only wish and she dedicated her whole life, her every thought to that one outcome. But then came an even more awesome trait of her character - a logical realization of how much of her life she has wasted just for revenge. Revenge on a person who did not deserve her time, energy and thoughts. And she let go, and the freedom and peace of mind she achieved after that is something I honestly envy.