Thursday, December 05, 2019

[Advent drama calendar 2019] Day 5: A Drama With The Most Innovative Premise

Hands down - The Boys.

The Boys is a violent, racy, gory, explicit and the most deeply engrossing thing that the "western" tv has produced this year. So the main superheroes who are supposed to save the world and "Captain America" their way into the heart of the masses are in fact a bunch of egomaniacal psychopaths. Deep is an imbecile who talks with fish (and dolphins), probably can't spell his own superhero name, and who rapes newbies. And Homelander... whoo boy, how do I even start describing Homelander? Just think as if Genghis Khan and a thermonuclear warhead had a hate baby - that's him. 
What about people who want to take the psycho-supes down? They are actually not even slightly better, trust me. The only difference is- they are not enhanced.

Also... hear me out - Nokdu. The series had one of the best character development for both of our protagonists. They were also given a great director who wasn't shy of showing affection and therefore we got series in which the level of simple intimacy surpasses the one we got in modern dramas sometimes. Also, unlike in may sageuks, the noble idiocy lasted like few minutes, because characters here can think and talk.
For us, though, it lasted a whole week of torture and pain.

Honorable mention - Extraordinary You. It just wasted such a great and fresh promise of protagonists being characters in manhwas. Eh...