Thursday, December 12, 2019

[Advent drama calendar 2019] Day 12: Favorite OST

I might have not watched much, but I've listened to probably 73% of 2019 Korean soundtracks. And honestly, I can't decide on my favorite - maybe One Spring Night because it's soft, jazzy and soulful. Or maybe My Country New Age - because of its grandiose orchestral score? Or maybe Kill It - for pulling the biggest joke with that cover.

Each of the soundtracks above had at least 3 songs or instrumentals I liked and I admit, this one was probably the hardest day for me.
One piece from every soundtrack then. And no, no Dies Irae from Search: WWW this time :)


The Crowned Clown:

God's Quiz Reboot:

Doctor John:

One Spring Night:

My Country New Age: Composer & Arranger: 서현일 + 민지영:

Search: WWW

Romance Is a Bonus Book:

Kill It: (by Kim Junseok, btw.)


Tale of Nokdu (no, not that orchestral score and not Heo Gak, forgive me, although the instrumental version is marvelous):