Monday, December 23, 2019

[Advent drama calendar 2019] Day 23: Which Character Did You Prefer?


If I had to choose just one - and now, people, just hold on to your hats - I would choose Jeon Nokdu. For various reasons.

He was kind - even to people he did not know. During the encounter with the runaway bride, his first instinct was to kick the guy he saw with her, assuming he's the predator. After learning the truth - he helped them evade the pursuit, donning her clothes and misleading the posse. Then he helped Dongju to wriggle out of jail and punishment. Hi did not expect any gratification for that.
He was brave - he did everything he could to protect the people he cared about - his adoptive father, his brother, Aengdu the Pest, his mother the Queen, and of course the light of his life - Dongju.
He was just - he despised what Yulmu did to the Widows' Village and felt such a heinous act should be punished. Even if by beating the lights out of him in the bamboo grove.
He was smart - he could plan ahead, anticipating the possible outcome. His only miscalculation was Yulmu, but then again, he joined his side briefly, playing him all along, and having a just cause as the reason. 
He was caring - to everyone around, even those who have hurt him.
He was forgiving - to his piece of a shit brother who betrayed him.
He was honorable - instead of blaming others for failed attempt at the coup, he said nothing, taking all of it. He treated every woman in the Village with respect. 
He was funny - usually because he did not plan on being funny.
And the list could go on and on...

But if we're talking about a type: a kind, gentle and caring person. Not a jerk who needs to be a miracle changing case through a woman only. Not a woman who can't take care of herself and relies on others, while miaoling about her situation.