Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some music

   Since I have tons of work to do, it's more than certain I will be writing a post and trolling youtube. But I'm so fed up with classes, presentations, preparations, tests, reports etc. that a sheer thought about making a ppt on AfterWar Literature makes me sick.
And I'm catching up with late May releases, and some of them I put here. 

   Let's start from Yi Younghyeon, she's the part of Big Mama, and we know ladies can sing. She can too. The MV gives me Sherlock + Adele vibe, but since I like SHINee more than Adele (I truly can't stand that pretentious diva), let's say it's the former's feel.


MV for Royal Concubine. Intense sageuk, mehehe... even now deemed in Korea (before the launching it) as "perverse" and "immoral". For showing main character's more than just a heel. OK. Sings: Seo Young-eun.

This is totally for Big Bang fans, I think. JJ Project boys are fun, different and - hell out of my usual music taste, but somehow can't stop listening to it. I heard them first on the latest Inkigayo (yes, I was going through the whole show not cuts cause Wuhyeonnie was an MC there, eh...). They're totally rookie in this showbiz. But this song (and also instrumental version) is totally going to my Top 10 of 2012 so far.

Something calm, indie folk something. But quite nice too (for all who couldn't Bounce with me). Fromm - It Wasn't Love. And since it's Fromm who says that, it was just a dream, you know... *winks*

And last: Moi - Hello Barbie. This is even a nice band. Some pop rock or whatever critics want to classify. For me it's just a summer music. You may want to listen to title track - Aquamarine, or I Know.


Also Yiruma released new album, btw. If anyone wants it.

 Yes, still no Tei to torture you all...