Friday, May 11, 2012

Top 10 Idol Actors

   Funny thing is, no one who saw this list complained about the first place. Less funny is the fact, there are some people who have absolutely no acting skills whatsoever. They should place KHJ aka The Table here as well.

1. Park Yucheon
2. SNSD: Yuna
3. After School: UEE
4. 2PM: Ok Taek-yeon
5. Miss A: Suzy
6. ZE:A - Im Siwan
7. T-Ara: Jiyeon
8. Kim Jaejung
9. Choi Kang Changmin
10. SNSD: Yuri

If they really wanted, Eunjeong from T-Ara and Seulong from 2AM are better actors. I completely and fiercely disagree on place 2, 4, and 9. Sorry to any fans, but those can't act to save their life. Period. I'd rather watch entire drama with Heechul than anything with those. 

Anyone else thinks some of the idols were neglected and some were just forced into this list?

source of the info and pic: alwayswyuchun