Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Junsu... not this time

   Since both albums were released fairly close, I waited to combine both of them in one post. First thing first - where is my copy of Infinitize?? I need that!
Now, something more substantial. Oh, and just to warn everyone - I'm not going to bullcarp here.
On the second thought, I wrote more than I wanted, so two separated posts would do.

   Everyone kows here or there that I love Junsu. So, naturally, rumors about his solo album were like honey for me (or meringues, to be more precise). The tempo of recording this album was a bit worrying, but I tried to assure myself by saying that Junsu is a guy who can do it even in such a short time.
Truth is, Tarantallegra is not an amazing album. It tries to be something that it's not - a groundbreaking and dark album. In instrumental intro Sunset, we hear the same music line as in the title track that serves one purpose - broad, wide and dark prelude. Which is fairly good, I like Sunset. The title track is huge, symphonic, opera-like... but it falls short on... hell awaits me I know, vocal. 
Junsu has an amazing voice, but in Tarantallegra he's using it with a minimum effort.

Short subjective digression: I have some inborn aversion to whispering in songs, to "windy" voices. Of course, I don't mind it when it's needed and when the singer sings a certain line using this. This flattens the expression of singing, but everyone thinks it - supposedly - brings mystery and all those emo feelings I can't feel. Nope, it irritates me, I can almost feel grains of sand between me teeth. Yuck. My most hated SHINee song? "Hello". I hate it to bits, hate it! End of digression.

   Junsu's voice is husky by nature, so of course he's more prone to such technique and lapsing into whispering. But he proved he can sing softly but with lungs, not throat.
So far, my favorite track on his album is 돌고 돌아도. It's a slow, soulful ballad (I like those, mian). He sings softly, with lots of emotions, his famous high notes, but with damn lungs, modelling voice and altering the scales. It's nothing outstanding, but he sings, not rustling like November wind in the park among the leaves.
Lullaby and No Gain are classic r'n'b - such classic that they can stand in one line with the best r'n'b and soul singers of the 90's. And sorry to say, but that would be all. I'll take sweet 돌고 돌아도 from this album and I'll listen to it. Apart from this one, there is also Set Me Free, also remaining of old good r'n'b with a mix of funk and light beat. It's much more fun than suffocating Tarantallegra.

And now few harsh words about title track MV.
It looks good only on some, really some stills (Junsu sitting on stone throne).
It's a product of some yaoi-fantasy-obssessed, weird mind. I was iffy when I saw the teaser, but the reality is even worse (*insert Jjong's this-is-not-reality-I-wanted gif here*). If Junsu stayed through the video only in this blue clothes, I'd be satisfied.
This is musical Elisabeth-meet-Rocky Horror Picture Show on meth. Gothic elements, and any of damn post-punk, steam-punk never worked for me. I do get the weird ideas, though, but only when they make sense.
Tumblr exploded when MV was out. OK, I admit, the sound and video go perfectly together, but it doesn't mean they go to the splendid direction either.
Did he really have to cross-dress? No, I don't like it, I never have. I didn't "question my sexual orientation" as many of 13-yo shit-for-brains on tumblr. And I won't like it for sure. It gave nothing to the MV, and was just a useless fanservice.

I can love Junsu still, without loving this album.


There is one good thing in this MV - using non-Korean dancers (both male and female) that actually look human and not starved and plastic. Oh, did I hurt your feelings, hallyuphiles? (it may be difficult for birdheads, so I put the link explaining the suffix... snap, another difficult word, oh well, just click on it).

Now, collecting my funds for impending trials for "insulting oppa and K-dancers".
Sue me.